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Developing SynTech’s Seeds/Traits

Luke Farno, Global Account Manager, Seeds/Traits

In 2012, global R&D investment in seeds/traits will reach $35Billion annually; since 2010, spending has exceeded that for Agrochemical R&D. As part of this move to increasing focus on seeds, or combined seeds/chemicals offerings, the major as well as minor R&D-based players are increasing their use of contract research expertise for their field and laboratory evaluations.


In response to this trend, SynTech has created Technical Teams, experienced in variety development. Its US-based Compliance Team, with long experience in conducting seed studies, trains its staff globally to follow the procedures and policies needed to meet USDA-APHIS and/or local bio-safety regulations.

The teams evaluate both conventional and genetically modified (GMO) breeding lines, in corn, soya, cotton, cereals, rape, sunflower and vegetables. Evaluations can be performed in mini-strip and macro plots, PDA demonstration and maturity plots, and characterization trials.

In last year’s SynTech Research Newsletter we described the techniques and practices needed to conduct successful seeds evaluation trials – see the article in our 2011 newsletter.

The range of studies includes:

  • Crop variety evaluation
  • Trait development
  • Abiotic stress testing
  • Nitrogen use efficacy testing
  • Biofuel variety testing
  • Seed treatment testing

In addition, SynTech Research has specialized in Drought Tolerance trials, with five in North America, seven in Central and South America, and two in Europe. Its drip tape irrigation systems allow active water management: continuous flow or timed at specific phases of development.

In the US, SynTech has multiple locations for corn Silage Variety Testing (four in New York and one in Pennsylvania), where we plant, grow, collect and process samples for digestibility, palatability, or nutrient content testing.

For further information download SynTech’s Seed Services brochure or contact Luke Farno at lfarno@syntechresearch.com