SynTech Research is a leading independent research company. We provide research, development and regulatory services to the agricultural chemical, biotechnology and food industries, government bodies and agricultural commodity suppliers. Field and laboratory facilities over 30 countries give us global reach.

Staffed by highly trained, technically-competent scientists and managers, SynTech Research offers a wealth of experience in applied research and product development. We provide a range of chemical and seeds/traits, field, laboratory/glasshouse bio-compliance services including: Bioefficacy (GEP), Environmental chemistry (GLP), Ecotoxicology, Analytical services, Public and Animal Health, Program management/Study Direction and Regulatory.

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CIR 2017 – SynTech will be there

SynTech France will be exhibiting in booth 16 at the CIR Conference 2017, Nice France from 5-6 September. read more...

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Career opportunities are available for people interested in a variety of management, science expert and project management roles in regulatory services read more…