Organization and Management

Organization and Management

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Directors and Global Managers

President and CEO – Dr. Khosro Khodayari
Director of Asia Pacific – Mr. Lino Rondon
Director of North America – Mr. Steve Harrison
Director of Europe – Dr. Davide Ferrari
Director of Latin America – to be appointed
Director of Communications – Dr. Colin Ruscoe
Director of SynTech Research Laboratory Services – Mr. Scott Ward
Manager of Finance – Ms. Joyce Hess
Manager of HR – Ms. Nathalie Marshall

Global Account Managers

GLP – Mr. Daniel Mourad
Ecotoxicology – Mr. Eric Ythier
Seeds/Traits – Dr. Luke Farno
GEP (Bioefficacy) – Dr. David Marsden

Regional Managers

Regulatory Managers

EU – Dr. Cristina Benros-Ythier
Latin America – Ms. Magdalena Zingoni

EU Managers/Program Coordinators

Technical Manager – Mr. Michael South
Market Development – Dr. Davide Ferrari
Fungicides – Mr. Jerry Calloway
Herbicides and Insecticides – Mr. Michael South
GLP – Dr. Isabelle Pronier
Finance – Mr. Thomas Guillon