United Kingdom

SynTech Research UK headquarters Pakenham, Suffolk

SynTech Research UK headquarters Pakenham, Suffolk


Pakenham, Suffolk (East Anglia)
Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire (East)
Westbury, Wiltshire (South West)

The headquarters of SynTech Research UK is situated at Pakenham, Suffolk – a new fixed site acquired in 2015. The facility provides testing on the major arable crops grown in the UK including:

  • cereals
  • sugar beet
  • potato
  • oilseed rape
  • turf
  • vegetables

SynTech Research UK has two additional satellite field facilities at:

Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire – major crops are: vegetables, fruit, potato, cereals and sugar beet

Westbury, Wiltshire – major crops are: cereals, potato, maize, root crops, grassland

Wheat fungicide trial in UK

SynTech Research UK has an extensive network of farmers and grower cooperators to enable it provide clients with a diverse range of services.
Services include:

  • GEP and GLP programs;
  • a focus on seed treatment and disease control and bio-stimulants;
  • Laboratory and glasshouse facilities.

For more information please see UK marketing brochure here

Country contact

Jerry Calloway
email: jcalloway@syntechresearch.com