Taking grain samples in winter barley using a Minibatt portable combine

Szombathely (west) – The headquarters of SynTech Research Hungary. There are also satellite stations at: Ikreny (north west), Csurgo (south west), Hodmezovasarkely (south east) and Debrecen (north east) providing trials capability throughout the country.

These locations can provide the range of crops grown in Hungary such as:

  • cereals
  • maize
  • vegetables
  • tree crops
  • vines
  • potatoes
  • oilseed rape

SynTech services available include: Field GEP herbicide, fungicide and insecticide and GLP programs. Laboratory and glasshouse testing – artificial infection, resolution, QA pests and diseases identification.

Assessing Rape beetle trial, Csurgo

Country contact

Tibor Barasits

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