BCPC news

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BCPC News consists of links to current on-line news items on crop production and crop protection.

Topics covered include:
Agricultural Policy, R&D and KT
Bio-fuels & Biomass & Biotech
Biopesticides & Biological Control
Climate Change
Environment & Biodiversity
EU Common Agricultural Policy
Food Security
GM Crops
Invasive Aliena
Organic Crop production
Pest Control
Pesticide Cosmetic Use, Exposure, Regulation, Residues, Resistance
REACH & Other Chemical Legislation
Soil and Water Management

The emphasis is on policy and other issues of public concern. Routine items on the science and technology of crop production and crop protection or on crop and farm management are not included.

Many items refer to opinion or science (good or bad) and are usually listed without comment; inclusion does not imply endorsement by BCPC or by SynTech Research.