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SynTech opens a new field station in Romania

SynTech Romania field station

SynTech Research has added to its global field trials network by opening a station in Romania, at Arad, situated in the west of the country. The main crops are cereals (maize, wheat, barley), oilseeds (canola, sunflower), soybean, forage, fruit and vegetables.  The station has three full time staff, including the Romania Trial Coordinator, Sergiu Treer (transferring from SynTech Research Germany), and Szilveszter Nagy, both of whom have Masters degrees in crop protection.

Weighing room, SynTech Romania

As well as offices, laboratory, weighing room and storage areas, the facility has a self-contained visitors’ guesthouse. SynTech Research in Romania is already operating to GEP standards and is anticipating GEP certification in July/August 2017, covering the full spectrum of field, fruit and vegetable crops.

For more information please contact Tibor Barasits, Managing Director ( or Sergiu Treer (


SynTech achieves GEP certification in Czech Republic

Sugar beet trials harvest

Administrative building

Following the acquisition of Syngenta’s seeds capability in Semčice, Czech Republic, last year – see news story, SynTech has moved rapidly to establish an expanded agrochemical and seeds capability, in order to conduct trials on a wide range of crops.

SynTech Czech Republic has just passed its first GEP audit, allowing the team to complete a full program of agrochemical and seeds GEP trials, especially in sugar beet, corn, cereals and oil seed rape, during the 2017 season.

Terrestrial Ecotoxicology laboratory expansion in the EU

Experiments in the new Ecotoxicology laboratories in SynTech France

New SynTech laboratories in France (Macon) and Spain (Valencia) have just been opened, adding more than 600 m² of additional laboratory space to our current facilities, fully dedicated to Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

The main feature of the expansion is increased capacity and capability for Pollinator, Soil Organism and Non-Target Arthropod studies, which has been driven by a strong increase in customer demand.

Assessing Ecotoxicology studies in SynTech Spain

SynTech Research’s Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Team provides complete study programs, delivered by experienced Study Directors and Principal Investigators, specialized in each domain of Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

Higher tier semi-field and field studies (Non-Target Plants, Pollinators, Soil Organisms and Non-Target Arthropods) are also conducted from our field stations and satellite sites in Europe, USA, Latin America and Asia.

With these additions to its existing Terrestrial laboratories in France (Nimes), USA (Stillwell, KS) and Brazil (Piracicaba, SP), SynTech Research is undoubtedly a Global Leader in Terrestrial Ecotoxicology.

For more information, contact:
Eric Ythier, Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager,

SynTech expands in Mexico with new Sample Processing Lab

SynTech Research has expanded its services in Mexico to include GLP residue trials and sample processing.

Trials in Mexico

Sample Processing Laboratory, Mexico

The SynTech Sample Processing Laboratory is located in Culiacan Sinaloa, the heart of agribusiness in northwest of Mexico, access to field and commercial greenhouses covering a wide range of crops from coffee and bananas to fruit and specialty crops. The facility is fully operational and offers high quality equipment to receive, store, process, and extract/homogenise crop samples for pesticide residues. Trials are performed in commercially important areas in the states of Sinaloa, Sonora and Baja California. The team, led by Miguel Verdugo, Research Biologist, at SynTech’s Sanger, CA station conducted 36 residue trials in 2016, including work required following SynTech’s acquisition of Syngenta’s Brazil analytical facility

The GLP residue trials service and Sample Processing Laboratory facility will provide the basis for further expanding SynTech’s NAM business in Mexico, including other disciplines such as Bioefficacy, Seeds and Traits and Ecotoxicology.

SynTech to attend CAC in Shanghai

Representatives from SynTech Research will be attending 18th China International Agrochemical & Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) at the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIECC), Shanghai, China, from 1-3 March 2017

This event is organized by CCPIT Sub-council of Chemical Industry every March in Shanghai. Since its launch in 1999, CAC has become one of the world’s largest agrochemical exhibitions and a UFI approved event in 2012.
Integrating new product display, technical exchange and trade talks together, CAC serves as a one-stop platform with the most active transactions for agrochemical trade, exchange and cooperation involved in pesticides, fertilizers, seeds, beyond-agriculture, production & packaging equipment, crop protection equipment, logistics, consultancy, laboratories and supportive services. It opens a window for Chinese agrochemical enterprises in the international market, and is the annual get-together for global agrochemical business performers.

SynTech staff attending will be:
Eric Ythier, Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager
Daniel Mourad, Global GLP Account Manager
Rosalino Rondon, Regional Director Asia Pacific
Richard Jin, Associate Research Biologist