SynTech Europe and Asia Business Development Manager appointed

Eric Ythier, SynTech’s Europe and Asia Business Development Manager

Eric Ythier, currently SynTech’s Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager, has been appointed as Manager of Business Development and Marketing, EMEA and APAC Regions.  His role will cover GLP, GEP, Ecotoxicology, Seeds & Traits, Project Management/Study Directorship and Regulatory Services.

Eric obtained his M.Sc. in Entomology from the University of Tours, France and worked in academia and then Syngenta, as an arthropodologist and ecotoxicologist, before joining SynTech in 2004. He developed the company’s Ecotoxicology Services globally and has been Study Director, Team Lead, GLP Test Facility Manager and Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager during the past 13 years.

Eric will continue as SynTech’s technical/scientific expert for terrestrial global ecotoxicology services.

Eric can be contacted at

Excellence Award for SynTech France

BPI, the French Public Bank of Investment, has given an Excellence Award to SynTech Research France.

BPI Excellence award to SynTech Research France

The Award means that SynTech Research has been selected by the BPI to be a member of an exclusive network of French companies who are very dynamic, and developing fast (in France and globally), in terms of business investment and performance. The BPI selects only companies with high growth potential. SynTech is pleased and honored to be a recipient of such a prestigious Award

SynTech expands in Asia Pacific with new field sites

SynTech has recently expanded its capabilities in the Asia Pacific Region. In the Southern Philippines, a satellite facility has been established in Davao, Mindanao, specializing in plantation crops such as banana, pineapple and mango.

Banana harvest

Mango – leafhoppers and damage

In Thailand, a satellite at Kamphaeng Sean, Nakhon Pathom province, will deliver GLP residue and bio-efficacy trials in a range of crops. Both satellites will allow SynTech to expand its capability to meet demands to deliver import tolerance trials.

Spraying a GLP rice trial in Thailand

CIR 2017 – SynTech will be there

CIR 2017
Date: 5-7 September 2017
Venue: Nice Acropolis Convention Center, Nice, France

Four conferences in one location
Connecting industry and policy makers to develop improved regulatory strategies for chemicals, biocides and agrochemicals.

SynTech France will be exhibiting in booth 16 at the CIR 2017 event: 5-6 September 2017 in Nice. SynTech staff present will be Jacques Galès, Managing Director, SynTech France and Germany, Dr. Isabelle Pronier, Manager, EU GLP program, and Dr. Cristina Benros-Ythier, Regulatory Manager, SynTech France

For further information visit:

SynTech presents its non-target plant services at SETAC

At the 2017 SETAC Europe meeting in Brussels on 7-11 May, Eric Ythier (Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager), Line Deslandes (Terrestrial Ecotoxicology Team Lead, France), Cedric Pierru (Ecotoxicology Principal Investigator, France), Eva Garzón (Ecotoxicology Study Director, Spain) and Giulia Mautino (Registration Specialist, Italy) demonstrated the company’s Non-Target Terrestrial Plant (NTP) services, including its experience in producing and testing weed species.

SynTech booth at SETAC EU 2017

Line Deslandes, Giulia Mautino, Eric Ythier, Eva Garzón and Cedric Pierru

SynTech’s NTP services include:

  • Seedling emergence and growth test (OECD 208 and OCSPP 850.4100)
  • Vegetative vigor test (OECD 227 and OCSPP 850.4150)
  • Early seedling growth toxicity test (OCSPP 850.4230)
  • NTP screens

Testing is conducted in climate-controlled greenhouses on our Europe and USA sites. Higher tier testing (field studies) are conducted on our field stations worldwide.

Non-Target plants (crops)

Non-Target Plants (weeds) and seeds

Studies are conducted on crops or weeds for emergence, dry weight, height, mortality and phytotoxicity. Reproduction (flowering, seed production and seed germination) can also be assessed.

The NTP benches can be treated with an automated track sprayer, have automated irrigation and are mobile, minimizing spatial differences during the studies.

NTP greenhouse in Nimes, France

NTP drying (dry weight endpoint)

To view a short video on the NTP spraying in Nimes France access this link

To learn more about SynTech’s NTP and other Ecotoxicology services (Pollinators, Aquatics, Terrestrials), please contact Eric Ythier, Global Ecotoxicology Account Manager at